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The national project Experiential methods in education (EME) aims to enhance competencies of educators, pedagogical and professional staff with the emphasis on ability to professionally use experiential methods with the focus on media education, traffic safety, ethics and health. The project while specialized in professional use of experiential methods in education, special in connection with new information technologies.

Experiential teaching methods may be considered to the tools to increase the level of quality and effectiveness of education. Teachers and educators who participate in learning, can enhance their competence in the use of experiential methods into practice for the benefit of forming basic values of children and youth, strengthening media literacy and reducing educational problems.

Project EME – financed by the European Social Fund via the operational programme Education, is scheduled from the year 2013 and should be completed in 2015. It is intended for 7,000 pedagogical and professional employees, particularly in:

  • kindergartens,
  • school clubs and leisure time centres,
  • dormitories,
  • psychological counseling centers,
  • special educational facilities,
  • special schools,
  • art schools and conservatories.

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